Sunday, April 03, 2005

This Painfully Wonderful & Perilous Journey Called Motherhood

My son fell and bumped his shin & scraped his knees yesterday. I saw it happening but was too far away to stop it from happening. It was a hard fall and I know it must have hurt tremendously, especially on the shin judging from the large hematoma that formed very quickly, but my 11-year-old "I am not a baby" son was too brave to cry though I could see that he was trying very hard to hold the tears in.

I could feel a tugging in my heart as this event occurred and even after it had occurred - almost as if I was the one who had been injured. I wouldn't call it a physical pain, but it was definitely not a comfortable feeling. I think all mothers feel this "pain" when they see their children physically or psychologically hurt. It comes with the territory of being a parent. Whoever said "This hurts me more that it does you" while punishing his child was right. This bond between parent (I think it is more pronounced for moms!) and child is a strong one and will never break whether the child is still a child or has become an adult with his/her own famiily.

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