Sunday, April 24, 2005

Check your Breasts!!!

Had my yearly mammogram done yesterday - this is the 2nd one I've done. It's scary, when the radiographer says that she has to do 2 additional views. Paranoid thoughts race thru your mind, wondering "Did the radiologist pick something up?" This is made worse when you are 'invited' to the ultrasound room for a supplementary scan to be done.

Just as scary is when you are waiting to pick up the results. After what seems like an eternity, the clerk calls your name and hands you the big envelope. With racing heart and shaky hands, you open it and search almost frantically for the report. You breathe a sigh of great relief as you read the Conclusion: No evidence of malignancy. Spirits lift again, as a great burden seems to come off your chest (no pun intended).

I wonder if it's just as scary or even more so for non-medical people.

Ladies, check your breasts monthly, and if you're over 40, do routine mammos yearly scary though they may could save your life.

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