Sunday, January 09, 2011


Read this article about parenting - Chinese style, in the Wall Street Journal online edition. I couldn't believe that the author would actually advocate this!

My parenting style is the direct opposite of what she describes, and yet, I have one child going to Engineering school (one of the desired outcomes of the stereotypical Asian parent, although in his case, it was entirely his choice altogether), and I have another child who is immensely talented musically, though not classically trained in either violin or piano.

I know of people who have grown up with the sort of parenting style that Ms Chua describes. And oh my goodness, what a dysfunctional lot they have become, with neuroses & baggage galore.

No thank you, Ms Chua. I will treat my children with respect, teach them how to be good, civilized human beings and allow them the freedom to choose who & what they want to be.

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