Wednesday, January 05, 2011



I am hooked on to this "Outlander" series of books by Diana Gabaldon! I can't stop myself from wanting to read more & more about the relationship between a time-traveling surgeon (Claire Randall) & the Scottish Highlander (Jaime Fraser). Not the typical romance, this epic (and I mean EPIC! Each book ranges from 600+ to 1000+ pages!!) has love, fantasy, mysticism, history, science fiction, and a bit of medicine all rolled into one.

I just finished the 4th book, The Drums of Autumn, and can't wait to start on the 5th one soon.

I love my e-reader :) .

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rugs said...

i'm working my way thru the j.d.robb "in death" series, courtesy of thrift stores. outlander sounds like it has potential too.