Friday, February 19, 2010


Do more to lower GP charges (ST Forum, February 19, 2010)

Another example of how the average Singaporean perceives a GP's work & his worth.

I wonder if he knows that even with the guidelines in place, GP's were still charging lower than recommended rates for consultation?

I wonder what his definition of "reasonable" is?

I wonder if he knows that the GP needs to pay rent for the clinic space, & that more often than not, this rent is exorbitantly high?

I wonder if he knows that the GP also needs to pay the salary of his clinic assistants and/or nurses?

I wonder if he knows that most GP's have to work day & night & weekends in order to support himself & his family?

I wonder if he thinks that the GP should aspire for a good life & standard of living for his family?

I really wonder....

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rugs said...

the writer has no idea what he's saying. in any case when you pay peanuts you always think you are getting monkeys. GPs are considered superior to polyclinics because the latter are cheaper. human nature.