Monday, February 25, 2008

Our Home

I have been captivated, engrossed, enthralled by the BBC series "planet earth", a documentary about, well, our planet.

It gives a fascinating overview of our home, an audio-visual history, if you will, covering almost every single landscape one can find on Earth. From the frigid poles, to the arid deserts; from the highest summits to the unlit ocean depths, the producers have used the latest in film making technology to give us never-before-seen images of sometimes alien-looking environments.

The cameramen went through extremes in weather & environmental conditions just to get shots of rare animal breeds & behavior. Accompanied by elegant orchestral compositions, we see waddling penguins, leapin' lizards, galloping gazelles, graceful dolphins, hunting predatorial cats, many of which has never been seen by the human eye before. Haunting whalesong, the unforgiving cruelty of nature, & the rarely seen dances of mating birds of paradise are just a few examples of the amazing scenes captured by the seemingly omnipotent BBC cameramen. The miracle of nature has never been so apparent - the wonders of how animals & plants have adapted over the thousands & millions of years are seen up close & personal.

Narrated by the guru of documentary narrators David Attenborough, this series also highlights how fast our climate is changing, resulting in the destruction & shrinking of much of the natural habitat of our fellow earthlings.

The icing on the cake are the short segments at the end of each episode called "Diaries" which gives viewers insights into how certain scenes were captured. This was fascinating, especially for a wannabe film maker like moi.

This should be mandatory viewing for all...especially for those who are still not convinced that global warming is, in fact, affecting everyone of us on this precious blue planet of ours.

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