Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Holiday in HK

Hong Kong sure is crowded. We spent the Chinese New Year holidays there. Talk about 人山人海 (literal meaning: people mountain people sea; actual meaning: kazillions of people around).

It was a bit strange meeting Chinese salespeople & waiters who spoke English! Not used to that as most Beijingers can't.

The Police concert at the Macau Venetian Arena was amazing.

Sting's bass guitar looked really worn out - but that's ok.
And Stewart Copeland looked winded during most of the concert while he was energetically banging on the percussion insturments - but that's ok.
And Andy Summers looked rather pathetic (and rather arthritic)when he tried to jump off an amp like rockers are supposed to do - but that's ok too.

Because despite appearances, they still sound frikkin' fantastic! Sting was trim & toned & still looks pretty sexy!


Surprisingly, my 14 year old son really enjoyed the concert too, probably in part due to the fantastic performance of the percussionist, who not only played on the traditional drum set, but also made brilliant music on a variety of cymbals, & bells & timpani. He was not impressed by the guitarist though, aficionado that he is, of all things pertaining to the guitar & the playing of. :)

Stewart Copeland in action! Believe it or not, this image was taken off the HD screen on stage.

My 16 year old, on the other hand, found it too loud, didn't really like their music & looked at me in astounded disbelief when I sang along (rather enthusiastically) & knew the words to the classics like Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, Message in a Bottle & Every Breath You Take...:) He actually enjoyed the support band, Fictionplane, more - not surprised as they have a more modern rock sound.

The rest of our holiday was spent shopping, eating & meeting family we otherwise would seldom get to meet. A good time was had, in all.

Happy Year of the Rat!

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