Friday, June 08, 2007

My Son, The Rocker

My 13-year-old has discovered the advantages of being a really good lead guitarist in a rock group. (Before anyone starts accusing me of being a biased mom, there have been quite a few other more objective people who have commented favorably on his skills as a guitarist at his age - heh heh).

For the last couple of months, my basement has been turned into a rehearsal studio for his band to practise for a Middle School "rock concert" which happened last week.

This was the song they did:

It has been loud. Real loud.

There were teenagers running in & out of our home after school almost everyday. And recently, I discovered that among these teens were also a bunch of groupies - MY SON HAS GROUPIES??? But he's my baby boy!!!

Anyway, apparently, he has become quite popular among the ladies due to his reputation as a rock guitarist, especially after the performance. He pointed out from his yearbook who were the girls who like him (although, he clarified, he doesn't reciprocate the feelings).

This is new territory for me. My older boy has lots of friends, both girls & boys, but not the target of adulation. I will have to tread carefully & slowly through this.

O, sweet child o' mine, is growing up...


igakunogakusei said...

Hmm, your son sounds a little like my brother.

My brother eventually became a 18 year old who had panties thrown at him while he was on stage in a relatively mild setting that is the RJC hall where he performed during a school event.

Watch out, Aliendoc! :)

aliendoc said...

hi iggy: Yikes.