Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Impressions from China - blocking blogs

Living here, one thing I've learnt to appreciate is freedom.

I realise that many websites are blocked by "the authorities" here in China...Big Brother is certainly watching. And many of these websites are blogsites which may or may not contain material deemed "unacceptable for viewing" by the local authorities.

I have been having problems accessing this very blog site. I can post entries but can't read them (or any entry on blogspot or wordpress or live journal or xanga for that matter). I am hoping that it is just a glitch in the system & that eventually I will be able to get into the blogs I regularly read.

For now, I will need to be careful about what I write here.

Paranoid? Maybe. But I don't want to chance anything. You never know who's watching.....


Anonymous said...

This is sooooooo frustrating. I just got a lot of readers and now they cannot access my blog. 70% of my readers are in Shanghai, China.

My target reader group is people living in shanghai.

What should I do???
hope they unblock it soon


aliendoc said...

Ha! I managed to find a way to get in, thanks to a suggestion from my bro. Via a translation website like google or altavista. Or try a proxy...