Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Doctor-Patient Relationship - A New Paradigm?

Dr Bard-Parker's latest entry talks very succinctly about this new (& evolving) relationship. Check out this article from the Boston Globe penned by Dr Marcia Angell , lecturer from Harvard Medical School.

I am not sure if the doctor-patient relationship in Singapore has reached this level in general. I believe that it has to a certain point, especially among the better-educated & usually younger patients.

In any case, I agree with Dr Bard-Parker that this is great advice from Dr Angell :

"As patients, your best bet is to ask your doctors what they would do in your place, and persist until you get a straight answer. If nothing else, that forces doctors to imagine being in your shoes, at least for a moment, and it may cause them to think more deeply about what you should do."


Dr Oz bloke said...

In Singapore I think the patients think of themselves as GPs. They tell the doctor what they want and what they don't want.

Whatever the doctor says is moot.

aliendoc said...

yeah, I've encountered those kinds too. Had to grit my teeth & be extremely patient in trying to explain my POV.