Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Snapshots from Beijing

We managed to find some time to take in some sights in Beijing while we were there, in between looking at houses & schools. Here are a few of the more interesting shots:

External View of the Forbidden City
Some of the buildings inside were closed off for repairs. A bit disappointing.

Square inside the Forbidden City
Notice the worn out stones on the floor. Looks familiar? I think I saw it (or a facsimile) in a Jackie Chan or Jet Li movie. Or in a trailer of a Chinese epic... Those stones have probably been there for hundreds of years. Uneven & bumpy, could be hazardous for walking if you are not careful.

Speaks for itself!
The place to go to broaden your mind & expand your horizons!

East meets West, Old meets New
Want a cuppa Java? How about a Heineken? All available in the Forbidden City!

Ad on Bus Stop
This was an honest to God, true blue ad seen on the back of a bus stop along a busy street in downtown Beijing! I did a double take when I saw it. I guess this is the place to go if you want to become sterile? Looking at the Chinese words, I think it's for abortions & contraception (Chinese experts out there, jump in here to correct me if I am wrong).

Snacking in Beijing
Seahorse? Starfish? Bugs? Worms? How about live spiders (not in picture)?
I think I'll stick to satay or french fries, thank you very much. :P


igakunogakusei said...

On the contrary, I think it might be a fertility clinic/hospital. Because the words in green vaguely, but literally, translate to something about passing down literacy/civility/education to the next generation; facilitating the continuation of life.

Tian lun = children (I think), from tian1 lun2 zhi1 le4, which means happiness from having your own children.

Bu2 yun4 bu2 yu4 = inability to get pregnant, inability to be healthy?

aliendoc said...

Thanks for the interpretation iggy. As you can see, my Mandarin is really bad:)