Sunday, October 29, 2006


After reading the mixed reviews received by this Woody Allen movie, I decided to go ahead & watch it anyway (OK, OK, I admit it...Hugh Jackson was a BIG draw for me ☺), & managed to convince my guys to come along with me.

We watched it at the new mega-movie theatre at the spanking new mall called Vivocity (we're still trying to decide whether to pronounce it as Vi-VOc-i-ty -which rhymes with velocity- or Vi-VOH-City - derived from the Latin word "vivo" meaning life, I think).

I'm glad we did watch it, although it didn't blow me away. It showed my kids that comedy needn't always be the slapstick & pie-in-my-face kind that is typical of Jim Carrey and the SNL alumni like Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider & Mike Myers.

The dialog was, well, typically Woody Allen-esque, with witty comebacks & self-deprecating humor although Mr Allen's frequent stuttering (whether intentional or not) got a bit stale & annoying after a while. Scarlett Johanssen showed her versatility with her portrayal of eager, naive journalism student, Sandra Pransky, hot on the heels of her first scoop. Hugh Jackman didn't really shine here, although he looked mighty fine in Speedos (*GRIN*).

Sidenote: we were very impressed with the movie theatre. We were in Cinema Europa which is supposed to have a bigger screen, & allow movie-goers to enjoy the movie in an elegant & intimate setting. It was indeed very comfortable, & more "high class" than the regular theatres (tickets DID cost $1 more); but I wished that the seats could have reclined a bit more.
Sigh...which reminds me that I AM going to miss movie-going when we are in China...

Oh, & by the way, my kids actually enjoyed the movie & found it funny! I guess they are smarter than I think...heeheehee...


nofearSingapore said...

Hi aliendoc,
Scoop is a mighty entertaining show.
It was one of the rare movies I watched in the past few years.
Yes, typical Woody!
Clash of loud New York and stiff-upper lip London!
But the ending... ( I won't spoil the fun for those who want to watch)


aliendoc said...

A refreshing change from the Jim Carrey/Adam Sandler/ Will Ferrell stuff ya?