Sunday, April 30, 2006

Religious Fervour

I read in the papers a few days ago that the National Council of Churches is protesting the release of “The Da Vinci Code” movie locally. Their reason is that they are afraid that the movie will spread misconceptions of Christianity.

It’s fiction, people!!! These are probably the same folks who stop the kids from reading the Harry Potter books. As far as I know, religion is about faith. No matter what you read or watch or see, the bottom line is still FAITH. I don’t think a movie or a book with its own interpretation of the history of Christianity will shake the beliefs of those who are truly Christians.

I am not anti-religion. Matter of fact, at one point of time, during the turbulent years of adolescence, I found some peace in attending church services & reading the gospels. I never had a dramatic moment of revelation in which I “found” Christ (or any other religious icon, for that matter). Contrary to that, I was turned off by fanatical evangelists who try to convert you every which way you turn, telling you that you will burn in hell if you don’t accept Christ as your Saviour THAT VERY SECOND!!!

To me, religion is a very personal decision. It cannot be forced on a person. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in religion; it gives peace of mind to those who are troubled, & oftentimes, is the only thing that helps a person go through a time of bereavement. But when people become fanatical about it, the alarm bells start to go off.

One can be spiritual without being religious. I believe in the human spirit. I believe in miracles & the existence of things beyond our understanding. How else do you explain the world as it is? There has to be a greater Power at work. But religion & the rituals that go hand in hand with it, are things that are man-made, created to help society endure difficult times. Carry on, I say. Just don't force it down my, or any other person's, throat.

Ultimately, I believe that no matter how pious a person may outwardly seem, what is important is the goodness (or evil) in that person’s soul…I am sure that the Powers, whoever he/she/they may be, would know.

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igakunogakusei said...

I think christians themselves are the biggest spreaders of misconceptions of Christianity, Da Vinci Code or not.

I completely agree with being spiritual without being religious. And Jesus Christ also advocated this. "Religious" taken to mean scrupulously following rituals.

With regard to your last paragraph, it is the stance that most agnostics would adopt. It makes logical sense but depends on your understanding of the gravity of human wrongdoing. It seems fair(er) though.