Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hear, hear!

Some quotes from letters in today's newspaper in reply to a recent complaints from patients regarding doctors not seeing patients if they go to the clinic close to closing time, & high prices charged etc...

"I believe that doctors have a duty to attend to medical emergencies at all times but I'm afraid I will have to disagree with the assertion that I'm obliged to deal with any patient with any kind of complaint at anytime." Dr Sim Sze Keen

Well said, Dr Sim!

"There is currently no strain of pathogen causing the influenza or common cold that's acutely present just a few minutes before midnight. Most of the patients would have been experiencing symptoms in the preceding hours and there is no reason for them to be attended to when they decide to turn up at the clinic at closing time." ">Tan Shian Ming

I wish more patients had the consideration & common sense shown by Mr Tan.

" Let us not publicly complain or accuse without a clear understanding of doctors and the constraints they face. We should also refrain from giving comments to the media on certain medications and their prices without clarification." Miss Adeline Ng Su Mei

Thank you, Miss Ng, for voicing your support & understanding. Your sentiments echo what many doctors feel, and goes to the heart of the cause of many complaints - lack of communication or misguided reluctance of patients to speak directly to their doctors/nurses regarding their concerns. For some reason, they think that writing to the newspaper, or even their MPs & Ministers will solve their problems.


angry doc said...

What a day on the ST Forum, eh?

I suspect Tan Shian Ming is a doctor himself, or at least there is a doctor with that name. :)

aliendoc said...

The last two weeks should have been named "Doctor-Bashing Fortnight"!!