Monday, December 19, 2005

Pride & Prejudice the Movie (*Spoiler Alert*)

Die-hard Jane Austen fans would hate this movie. Not only did they change & condense bits of the story (especially Darcy's explanation to Elizabeth about Wickham's past behaviour), but the screenwriters also modified some of the dialogue of the characters.

Me? I liked it. I especially liked the lead actors playing Elizabeth (Kiera Knightly) & Mr Darcy (Matthew Macfadyen); Donald Sutherland also did a superb portrayal of Mr Bennet & the scene in the study where he asks Lizzie about her true feelings for Mr Darcy brought me to tears. Judi Dench, as Lady Catherine De Burgh, did not fail to live up to her reputation.

The emotional angst & passion in the story were turned way up compared with the mini-series starring Colin Firth, & will satisfy the ladies who will swoon over Mr Macfadyen's Darcy. The scene in which he strides through a misty hazed meadow towards Elizabeth before they finally declare their love for each other, did for me, what the scene of Colin Firth in a sodden white shirt at Pemberly, did for Bridget Jones. Sigh...


jay said...

i'm boycotting it! lizzy is better looking than jane! and kiera knightley as lizzy? she would have been better cast as jane, but of course the directors and producers wanted to catch the loads of teenage guys to watch it. darcy is not at all handsome in this movie, which means uhm...girls won't wanna see it.

just my 2cents worth. =)

aliendoc said...

Looks aside, I think Ms Knightly did an excellent portrayal of Lizzie's intelligence & lively personality.

And true, Mr Macfadyen did not leave a good first impression, but he did grow on me as the movie progressed!