Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Watching the first episode of "Grey's Anatomy" brought back memories, both good & bad, of my own internship. The busy calls, "Nazi" residents, wonderful consultants who actually treat you like a person who is there to learn instead of just a grunt worker...these were so real to me. I wonder how laypersons reacted to watching how some of the interns were treated (made to look like fools). Doesn't seem too humane, does it? But it happens (unfortunately).

This looks like a promising series - I look forward to watching, and remembering, more.


Anonymous said...

I watched the first episope of Grey's antamony too.

As a lay person, I really think it's a little bit inhumane how the interns are treated. Doctors really went through such shit huh??

But gives me a lot of respect for doctors for having gone through all these! I thought my training as a newbie ( in some other profession ) was crap, doctors' worse!!

aliendoc said...

Yup, we went through "such shit"! To be fair, a lot depends on who your supervising residents & consultants are. I learnt LOADS from my Orthopedic posting, while in Internal Medicine, it was a matter of surviving through each day, trying not to get scolded by your seniors...it influenced my later attitudes towards these disciplines.