Tuesday, May 03, 2016


Life is fragile.

The past week has been a sorrowful one for a dear friend.  Her daughter's ex-boyfriend took his own life.  He was 25 years old.  They had just broken up.  He was stressed by work.  What was the trigger?  Who knows?  I can't imagine how his parents are feeling.

Last year, the daughter of another dear friend also took her own life.  16 years old.  What drives these young people to such drastic extremes?  Are the stressors so insurmountable that they felt that suicide was the only way out?  I hear that suicide amongst the young has been on the rise in Singapore.  If true, why?

So so sad.

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Anonymous said...

Because life in Singapore is very stressful and there people do not generally accept emotional problems as compared to health problems.

Most of us do not watch out speech and sometimes unknowingly speak words that tear people down instead of building people up.

Even for myself, sometimes when i have problems, like stressed at work, i dont know who to turn to as well. I fear of what others think of me, because everyone just seems to be living a better life. and being emotionally weak seems to be so socially unacceptable in general.

that is why nowadays there is all kinds of addictions too, because sometimes facing the reality can be so hard, knowing that there is a problem, yet feeling so hopeless and helpless to implement a change.

Life is indeed fragile, no longer than a breath.

Young Singaporean.