Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Another Milestone

So, W graduated last weekend.  Maybe that's one reason for my melancholy...  Another milestone, this one marking our baby's step towards independence.  

So much of my life has been focused on being a mother to our two boys.   And now, it seems like that part of my identify has taken a sudden turn.  That big part of me, has now diminished, so that I have to look inside myself to find myself again, re-discover who I am, what I am, what I should do in this next phase of my life.

A & I would like to finally find a permanent home for our retiring years, even if we don't spend all our time there.   I, for one, am tired of being a nomad.  The experiences have been wonderful, these last 25 years (that's half my life!).  But I want to finally put some roots down somewhere, a place where we can gather for family reunions, and where I can hang up pictures without worrying about having to patch up hanger holes when we leave, and where I can say,  "I live in xxx" without suffixing it with "for now".

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