Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Random Observations

Things I've noticed since arriving in Hong Kong:

  • at 5' 4", I tower above the average HK adult female (this is most obvious while standing in the MTR)
  • the streets of HK are as crowded as the streets of NYC
  • the pedestrians on the streets of HK are less orderly than those on the streets of NYC 
  • taxi drivers drive like hellions whether it's on a straight stretch of highway or on the winding hilly roads of the Mid Levels
  • I hear a lot more Mandarin now compared to a few years ago
  • people moan about the air pollution in HK.  But I say you ain't seen pollution till you've seen it in Beijing
  • there are a lot of androgynous-looking people here (not a judgement, just an observation)

1 comment:

rugs said...

the mandarin thing is the most overt change i think. unthinkable pre 1997.