Thursday, February 10, 2011

Impressions from China - February Snow

It's been as dry as a bone this winter in Beijing, until last night. When I went to bed, there was a light dusting of snow; but when I woke up, this is what I saw.

Admittedly, it's nothing compared to the snowstorms that have been hit
ting the USA this winter. But the little girl in me who grew up on a tropical island just one degree north of the Equator can't help but feel thrilled at the sight of the white stuff drifting down. It also gave me an excuse to put on my brand new snowshoes which I had mail ordered back in the Fall in expectation of stupendous amounts of snow & more crazy weather this Winter. But alas, the boots only just saw the light of day today. And I admit, it was probably a bit of an overkill to wear them boots which were probably more suited for a blizzard rather than the inch or so that we had. But hey, I had to break them in :).

(Sidenote: snow boots are damned difficult to put on. And almost as difficult to take off)

I love making footsteps in the freshly fallen virgin snow!

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