Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Travelog - New England : a pictorial journey

Mystic, Connecticutt

A pretty seaside town with wonderfully fresh seafood. Had a deee-licious lunch of lobster bisque followed by a baked dish aptly named Seafood Ambrosia comprising crab, scallop, cod and shrimp baked in a butter sauce topped with a seafood stuffing gratin at a restaurant called S & P Oyster Company. Mmmmm....
This is the restaurant where we had this...

New England Clam Chowder! And...

Lobster Bisque!

Newport, Rhode Island

The Breakers - a mansion owned by the Vanderbilts

The Breakers' "Backyard"

Another view of the Breakers

A Newport sunset - view from Newport Bridge

Brown University - Providence, Rhode Island

Lovely architecture typical of the buildings in this Ivy League university founded in the 18th century

The Van Wickel Gates - only opened twice a year: once when a new class arrives and once when the seniors leave upon graduation

Cape Cod, Massachusetts (where I pretty much had Clam Chowder every day - I shudder to think what my cholesterol levels are right now)

Salt Marsh Lake - along the eastern coast of Cape Cod

The following pictures were all taken at Marconi Beach, Cape Cod

Kind of reminds you of "Finding Nemo", doesn't it?

That black blob in the water is actually a seal. A group(a herd? or is it a pod?) of them were frolicking in the water just about 30 feet from the beach!

Couldn't resist capturing this picture of the cloud that reminded me of a face

Sand dune

Lovely beach- but the water was freezing!

Boston, Massachusetts

We found this car decal in the Harvard store (where prices of Harvard paraphernalia were ridiculously exorbitant)

Harvard (IMHO, Princeton is much prettier)

Inside MIT - was not impressed by the long corridors. Looked much better in Good Will Hunting.


The Boston cityscape as seen from across the Charles River

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