Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Not quite a Merry Christmas

"Shares slump in view of economic climate!"

"Terrorists bomb Mumbai hotel!"

"Blue chip company slashes xxx jobs!"

"Dismal economical outlook in near future!"

"xxx Bank to lay off xxx jobs!"

It's quite depressing reading the news headlines these days. Right, left & center, we are inundated by bad news...it's enough to make one just want to crawl under a rock & hibernate until things start looking better.

Even the health care industry hasn't been spared. I would imagine that the pay cuts & layoffs would affect just the senior management, since the actual doctors, nurses & paramedical staff are not that highly paid in the first place? At least, not compared to the kazillions of dollars that CEO's & senior folks get paid in salary & bonuses. Besides, there always seems to be a shortage of clinical staff in the primary care sector anyway, so cutting their salaries would seem rather short sighted.

So I hope that's not going to happen.

But then I'm not an Economist, I'm just a doctor, so what do I know :).

Just speaking from the heart.

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