Thursday, July 17, 2008


I hate moving house.

We recently moved to another house in the same compound due to issues with the old house. This is the umpteenth time we've moved. And moving just one street over doesn't make the process any easier. All that packing, then unpacking then sorting out & putting stuff makes you realize just how much stuff one accumulates (let alone FOUR people) in a lifetime.

Moving into a new house is kinda like getting to know a new acquaintance. We have to figure out how things work & where things belong & all those idiosyncrasies that go with the new place. An added challenge now, that comes with age, is putting things away & being able to remember at a lated date, where these things are! Ah, the joys of aging.


pretzel said...

Grew up not staying in one place more than 5yrs... and also moving offices numerous times.
Now, i'm an expert in packing and unpacking, and has a habit of throwing things away whenever asked to pack. =)

aliendoc said...

hi pretzel - I try to throw out a lot of things too, but no matter how hard I try, other things keep getting accumulated.