Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"4 legs good, 2 legs better" *

I read this letter today in the ST online forum:

Shark's fins menu: Why the double standards?

WHAT Resort World Sentosa has done to promote goodwill and highlight its commitment to the environment is very heartening, 'No shark's fin served here' (May 30).

I am a nature lover. I have attended seminars on the environment and learnt how sharks have been thrown back into the sea after having their fins cut. Why must there be such cruelty to sharks?

However, I was disappointed to read that shark's fins will be served to high-end rollers at the resort. Why the contradiction?

Ace Kindred Cheong

I am surprised at Mr Cheong's naivete. Hasn't he learnt by now that in Singapore, soon to become the capitalists' capital of the world, money talks the loudest? From all-business class flights to an all-A-class wards hospital, it has been proven time & again that those with money are pandered to, high moral standards be damned.

Another example is how the no smoking ban in public places is exempt for the casinos. Why? Well, the *ka-ching* of the cash registers will tell you why.

Dr Huang has blogged about the plight of the FDW & how the government still refuses to impose a mandatory day-off policy - another example of how things are done in Singapore. No high road here.

Until the day comes when the government itself realizes that doing the right thing applies to everyone, & not to just certain people, things will not change.

*from "Animal Farm" by George Orwell

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