Thursday, May 01, 2008

Geeks r Us

Conversation that ensues over lunch immediately after watching "Iron Man".

(Spoilers ahead...)

"So, what was that thing that Tony Stark had on his chest for?"

"Well, remember initially he had a car battery that was attached to his chest? Well, the thing on his chest was an arc reactor which basically generates energy, like the car battery, to create an electromagnetic field that prevents the shrapnel in his chest from piercing his atrial septum hence killing him. Although in reality, in this day & age, he could probably have open heart surgery to get the shrapnel removed."

"Oh. How does it work?"

"Well, theoretically, it would require some kind of fusion reaction to happen in order to create the energy. There would be these two electrodes that sit within plasma, & the arcs of light that shoot between the electrodes would be the energy that is created."


"Are we movie geeks or what?"

A, W & Z (in unison):

'Nuff said.


ET said...

We went to watch Iron Man last week and thought it was awesome... Robert Downey Jr was brilliant... but apparently there is another snippet after the end credits have finished announcing the formation of the Avengers... we didn't stay for this so we missed out.. did you?

aliendoc said...

Yup we did...check out my review below...