Friday, April 11, 2008

Impressions from China - Oh-dear-lympics

We all know about the "disturbances" that the poor Olympic torch has been through the last few weeks. And about Mr Gere's diatribe & Mr Spielberg's "withdrawal" from being part of the production team of the opening ceremony.

But it looks like these outsiders are not the only ones feeling a bit peeved at the coming Games. I am not sure how the local citizens will feel about the inconveniences that they will have to bear with, some more severe than others...
  • the residents living around the Olympics venues will need to have special passes to get into the area to go home
  • that whole odd-number-even-number car plate tag team arrangement to try to improve traffic conditions & (maybe) air pollution
  • apparently, merchants with stores in a large market near the Olympic venues have been asked, oops, I mean told, to close shop for two months.
Oh dear.

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