Monday, January 14, 2008

Impressions from China - C-c-c-cold

It is COLD. Teeth-chatteringly, toe-numbingly, frost-bitingly COLD.

Frigid. Think a high of negative 3 degrees Celsius & a low of negative 10. I can literally make ice cubes on our deck outside.

And thanks to good ol' Chinese construction, & quality of insulation (or lack thereof), our house defies the very laws of physics. Our master bedroom, which is on the top (3rd) floor, feels like a refridgerator. (For those who did not take Physics 101 in high school, heat least, it's supposed to). But if we turn the thermostat up any higher, the lower floors will become stifling hot.

So it looks like it's gonna be sweaters & socks in bed tonight.

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