Thursday, December 06, 2007

Picking & Choosing

This is an interesting article about recruiting & retaining physicians.

This was written by an American author for the US scenario, but I wonder how much of this would be applicable to the Singapore situation. With the "shortage"of doctors here, can the employers be so picky & use the guidelines listed in the article? ("Employers" here meaning the large group practices in the private sector & the two clusters that run the government polyclinics, which all seem to have a perpetual shortage of doctors).

I really doubt it.


? said...

sometimes, i suspect that the shortage may be "intentional". Few of my college classmates that have the passion could not get into med school. i did so badly at the interview and to this day I'm still puzzled why I was selected into med school when there are even better people walking around.

Is it really so hard to find the right people?. There's a saying that the more talented ones are usually "channeled" into Engineeering and other courses in the University here.

aliendoc said...

It's been that way since my time in the early 80's. Over the years, various policies have been made which were mistakes resulting in shortage. Much like the population control policy of "Stop at Two" in the 70's

verily said...

Economics 101: keep supply low and demand high = a prosperous profession.

That is why modern-day medicos can choose not to make housecalls and still make a tidy living.

...and that is why there are over 20 eligible applicants for every seat in med sch.