Friday, January 19, 2007

Impressions from China - I'm homesick

Yes, I miss my family, my friends.

But I also miss the efficiency of Singapore. There are so many procedures (many seemingly pointless) in place for the most simple things. Asking for a receipt (fapiao) here is a big deal especially for large items like furniture. Receipts here actually have a scratch off portion that tells you whether you have won money or not; it's the governments attempt at encouraging the public to ask for official receipts which retailers have to submit. This is their way of trying to stamp out under-declaring by the retailers.

I miss being able to look at road signs & know immediately what it says & where I am heading to.

I miss being able to say something to someone without having a puzzled look of incomprehension being returned to me.

I miss my vegetable seller in Holland V who helps me choose my veges for a great price.

I miss being able to drink water off the tap without wondering whether I am ingesting carcinogenic toxins into my system.

I miss being billed for gas & electricity. They use top up cards here for gas & electricity, for crying our loud!!! So if we forget to check the meter, we may end up sitting in the dark one night.

I know these are growing pains in the fledgling days of our time here. It will get better. It will.


nofearSingapore said...

Never thought you would miss Singapore?
Me too.
For all it imperfections, Sg is still home.
Altho there is much that can improve, I still love this place.
Sometimes we don't say the positive things enough.

Good Luck


aliendoc said...

As I have mentioned before in previous entries, no matter where I have lived/may live, in my heart, home will always be Singapore despite its imperfections!