Sunday, December 31, 2006

...and we have touchdown...

Well, we are finally here. We landed in minus 3 degree Celsius weather under hazy conditions on a Friday night. As we disembarked, the first thing that hit me (apart from the frigid cold) was the smell of smoky fumes. Don't know if this was from emissions from the plane engine or the parking garage of the airport or from the famed pollution I've heard so much about...but I think air filters will definitely be a must in our new home.

We are in a serviced apartment for now until our new home is ready for us to move into in a couple of weeks.

No homesickness yet, however, saying farewell is never easy, especially to family members. That familiar cliche: 'Home is where the Heart is' is so true. Although I have my husband & children with me, part of my heart will always be with my other family: parents, sister, brother, best friends.

I have been nursing a cold the last couple of days, something I picked up during our last few days in warmer climes (no, one doesn't catch cold from, cold weather, thank you very much!). The dryness & cold here don't help my symptoms a lot, making my nasal & throat passages feel terribly uncomfortable especially compounded by taking antihistamines to stop the continuous sneezing & nasal discharges. Been trying to load up on fluids too - no need for silica gel here (humidifiers will be another must-have in our new home).

Hence my present entry at the unearthly hours of 5 a.m. in the morning...having been woken up by a very dry mouth (having to breathe through my mouth since my nasal passages are clogged up) & mild attack of asthma. No worries, I am fine - nothing that 4 mg of Ventolin can't fix. My good ol' trusty medicine pouch has served me well; it's something I always travel with - my own form of personal insurance, one may call it.

Ok, I am going to go read a bit, & allow the Ventolin to kick in & hopefully go back to sleep for a few more hours .

Weather aside, my first impression of BJ has been a good one - the people seem to be warm & friendly, very willing to help, and with customer service that beats Singapore. It has made this alien feel very welcome.

More later.

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