Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What a Classic Line!

"I was born naturally, but brought up Caesarean." - Adrian Monk from the series Monk

I heard this line last night on the latest episode of Monk & cracked up! I think it will be a classic. I had to think deeper after my initial response (i.e.ROFL) to its superficial comedic delivery by the talented Tony Shalhoub to figure out what Monk meant when he said that. My personal take on its meaning is that Monk was born, like most everyone else, a normal baby. But subsequent "interventions" (i.e. situations which occur , and people he interacted with during his life) - hence the term "Caesarean" upbringing- resulted in the neurotic person that he is now, with all his oddities & quirks.

I love the analogy & I think it applies to all of us, as each & every one of us have our own distinctive neuroses & dysfunctionalities (to different degrees!).

I love Monk! More, more!!!

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