Monday, August 22, 2005

Neither Here Nor There

I guess that's kinda like what I am feeling right now. We have finally moved & settled in (more or less). Part-time maid started today so I don't feel so stressed about housework now... Kids started school last week & we have to get into the new routine of the long commute.

Next step for me is figuring out what to do with my spare time - volunteer work? Art courses? Riding lessons? Start my own consultancy business???

House M.D. - new series about a cynical, jaded senior consultant with horrible bedside manners! The dialogue really cuts to the chase about how doctors (moi, for one) think & feel about their profession & some of their patients! House: "Treating illness is why we became doctors; treating patients is what makes so many doctors miserable."!!! His response to a mother who refused to give steroidal inhalants to her son for fear of "powerful" medicines was also a gem. Wish I could have used some of these House-isms when I was working at Shenton!

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